More Law Firms Should be this Convenient


Become a client

The first step in becoming a client is providing the information we will need to open your file, complete a conflicts check and prepare a services agreement.

Pay Your Bill Online

We've made paying your bills online via credit card incredibly convenient. Why wouldn't we?
To pay your invoice, simply visit our special payment form and submit your invoice number, payment amount and credit card particulars. 

We hope that paying for legal services with your credit card brings you closer to Hawaii or that new stand mixer you've been eyeing.

Pay or Refill Your Retainer

If you are a new client or have asked us to work on a large matter, we normally ask that you pay a retainer up front as a condition of hiring us. Retainer funds are held in trust until we invoice you for work completed and expenses incurred on your behalf. To make this as convenient as possible, you can pay your retainer by credit card and the funds will be deposited directly into our trust account.

Access Your Files

At Small Law Corporation, we use a cloud based practice management system that allows us to securely share sensitive files, documents and Corporate Record Books. 

If you haven't already received an email invitation to create your user account, ask us to provide you with access.