Estate Planning Services

You are probably going to die. We help you deal with this unfortunate truth so that you can get on with living your life. We prepare wills, power of attorney and representation agreements for business owners and their families.



Representation Agreements

Your will is your primary testamentary record and the core of your estate plan. It details everything from your funeral instructions and gifts to charity, to your instructions for the distribution of your estate to beneficiaries.

A power of attorney allows for you to designate someone to make financial decisions on your behalf in the event that you become incapacitated.

Representation agreements allow you to appoint someone to make medical and care decisions in the event that you become incapacitated.


Initial Contact

Once you have contacted us, we will need to learn a bit more about you to see if we can hel. This will require that you provide us with some basic background information about yourself. If your estate plan involves complex family structures, tax situations, or international legal issues, we can refer you to someone better qualified to help.

If it looks like we can help you and you would like to retain our services, we will then need to verify your identity, have you sign our legal services agreement, and collect payment into trust for our services.

Tell us a Story

To develop an appropriate estate plan for you, you will need to share a number of personal details with one of our lawyers. Due to the particularly sensitive nature of this information, including financial information, we use a printable PDF questionnaire to gather these details. It may take you some time to locate all the information we need. This personal information is subject to our privacy policy and will remain confidential. We may also need your permission to obtain information other professionals. This may involve contributions from accountants, doctors, and trust companies. You can bring the completed questionnaire to our meeting or upload the document through our secure client portal in advance.

Once you have gathered the information for the questionnaire, we can schedule a meeting either at our office or at your home. We want you to be comfortable so that you can tell us about yourself and let us know your intentions for your estate. You are free to bring your spouse, although we will need to meet with you privately at some point during the meeting. At this meeting, we will review the details provided in your questionnaire. You will also have an opportunity to ask as many questions as you would like. Once we have obtained and confirmed both your  personal information and your intentions, we will proceed with drafting the documents.

Your Signature Please

When we have prepared the documents for your estate plan, we will need to meet again. You will have the option of reviewing the documents yourself prior to our meeting. At this meeting, we will review the documents, explain the implications of certain estate planning decisions and answer any of your remaining questions. If the documents reflect your intentions, you may sign as required by law. Your signature will need to be witnessed by two people. A scan of the signed documents will then be loaded into our firm’s secure practice management system. The signed hard copy may be stored according to your wishes. We will encourage you to contact us again should you need to update any of the components of your estate plan.


Small Law Corporation offers estate planning services in order to better serve our business clients. We offer fixed fee packages that include your will, a power of attorney agreement, and a representation agreement.

Individual = $1,200 + tax

COUPLE = $1,400 + TAX

Pricing subject to approval based on a review of individual circumstances. For example, this pricing would not be applicable for blended families with complex estates. Pricing for couple is based on reciprocal documents.

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